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(COVID-19) Local Guidelines

Take a look at our local guidelines in an easy-to-digest way: use our search function to explore official restrictions anywhere in the world! Whether you are planning your next great adventure, looking for a quiet escape with the family, or scheduling a delayed work trip, we all want to know what to expect when we arrive at our destination. From details of public transport to restaurant closures, our local search helps you understand how COVID-19 is impacting travel on-the-ground. Scan our findings quickly and easily using our traffic light system.


Level of Restrictions

Planning an escape from restrictions back home? Our search will tell you whether your destination is truly Unlocked or in lockdown.

Public Transport

Planning on using public transport to get around? Find out whether trains and buses are running normally or are affected by local restrictions.

Use of Masks

Wearing a mask has become an everyday affair for most of us, but local rules differ and you don't want to be caught with your mask down! Find out if you need to wear a mask in public and get specific information for your destination, for example whether they are needed on public transport.


If sampling local food is what makes your holiday complete you will want to check out whether restaurants are open. Get information on restrictions including whether your dining will be al fresco only or if takeaway on the beach is your only option.


Looking for that perfect speakeasy or the tapas bar of your dreams? Find out whether bars are open, including maximum numbers and closing times.


If you're keen to dance the night away, or looking for the ultimate late-night party, use our search to discover your next nightclub nirvana and find out where you can keep the party going late.


Whether you are looking to shop til you drop, or are simply worried about buying the basics on your family holiday, get up-to-date information on shop restrictions including whether non-essential shops are open.

We provide the most localised data available. In some cases that will be local to the city or island, sometime to the region or state and otherwise for the country. Please make sure you check what level of data is available. We are working hard to make this data more detailed every day so keep checking back and sign up to updates to get news to your inbox.