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(COVID-19) Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

Unsure where to go and want to know whether your chosen destination is welcoming travellers? The most important information you need whilst planning any trip during Covid-19.



Find out whether entry to the country is permitted based on your country of origin

Other restrictions

Check information on whether there are other restrictions in place or any specific exceptions or additional conditions


Providing details on whether a vaccination certificate is required to travel to this destination, along with any exceptions (Coming soon!).


Want to know whether there are quarantine requirements in place? Find out about requirements when you get to your destination or when you return home and importantly, for how long!


And what about testing? Our search information tells you whether a medical certificate or recent test is required to travel to your chosen destination and/or whether you can get tested upon arrival

Other medical measures

In some cases, there may also be medical measures in place like forms of screening or monitoring when you get there

Documentation required

Don't get caught out! There may be other documentation including e-documents needed, so check here for details

COVID risk level for destination

COVID risk rating will guide you on the rate of infection for your destination.

We provide the most localised data available. In some cases that will be local to the city or island, sometime to the region or state and otherwise for the country. Please make sure you check what level of data is available. We are working hard to make this data more detailed every day so keep checking back and sign up to updates to get news to your inbox.