Feature: best places to be a digital nomad

With the likes of Zoom and MS Teams widely used and with the gradual opening up of the world, the life of a digital nomad feels more achievable…  

Thanks to Nomad List, we’ve compiled some of our favourite destinations for those looking to escape and explore new destinations joining the south end of digital nomads. Take a look at the some of the highlights… 


Lisbon, Portugal 

Okay, so it might be busier right now but Lisbon rates highly for families, quality of life and is LGBTQ+ friendly 🏳️‍🌈. It’s okay in terms of affordability and right now Brits can travel to Portugal without quarantine so you can expect visitors!    


Tallinn, Estonia 

Fast internet ✅ Low cost of living ✅ Friendly to foreigners ✅ Tallinn may not be the first place that jumps to mind for many but don’t discount this beautiful city with its cobbled old town on the Baltic sea!


Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Tucked into the mountains in Northern Thailand ⛰, this beautiful city is home to hundreds of elaborate Buddhist temples. Its also safe for female travellers, rates highly for walkability and is quiet– perfect for a socially distanced lifestyle. We might be biased since Joe’s sister-in-law hails from her!


Valencia, Spain 

A little more expensive for monthly living costs, but if you are searching for good weather, glorious food and great nightlife 💃🏼 Valencia could be the one for you. LGBTQ+ and female friendly this beachside spot on Spain’s Southern coast always scores well for quality of life 


Buenos Aires, Argentina  

Covid rates aren’t great right now, however Buenos Aires is one of our favourite cities in Latin America and one we are keen to return to. Bursting with coffee shops ☕️ and places to work, this nomad-friendly capital is not just a Tango hotspot and well worthy of a place on this list. 


If you want to check out whether you can travel to any of these places from your country, search here. You can also find local guidelines including Covid rates! And for more inspiration, check out Nomad List.   


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