Feature: simple ways to travel sustainably

On World Environment Day, we wanted to share some simple things you can do to make both short and longer term trips more sustainable. Like you, we’re passionate about travel but know we have a responsibility to explore ways of doing so in a way that protects our beautiful world!

  1. Travel overland – Travelling overland gives you an opportunity to experience our beautiful world in a very different way. Use All Aboard to search for possible routes. If you prefer or need to fly (we know that not all routes are possible and that time and cost play a big factor in this decision), check to see if there are eco flights available
  2. Consider group travel with an excursion company – there are plenty of sustainable travel operators who ensure, including Steppes, Intrepid and Responsible Travel
  3. Look for carbon offset options – Travel operators, airlines and hotels are increasingly providing the opportunity. Alternatively you can do this yourself by using a tool from Sustainable Travel or Clear
  4. Support local – whether that’s locally sourced food or small businesses, you can do your bit for smaller suppliers and local tourism by avoiding the larger chain hotels
  5. Cut down on your waste – From avoiding plastic straws to reusing your towels rather than replacing them every day, there are little things we can do each day to reduce waste. We’ve had it ingrained in us to use bottled water when travelling but filtered water or water coolers may be available at some hotels or resorts, so it’s worth checking.
  6. Use public transport – Another way to enjoy local culture is by travelling on public transport, rather than using taxis or private coaches to get about. It can certainly be an experience…!

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Safe travels!


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