Feature: Travelling with children 🧳

Be honest with them and yourself – an unconventional tip list for travelling with children

When you’re planning a holiday with children, you have to be honest with yourself about expectations. As a mother of three, I know reading a book undisturbed on a sun lounger for two weeks is about as far away from reality as you can get. And you know what, I’m ok with it because I’ve had a word with myself, I’ve mourned the holidays of pre-kids past and I know just how important family holidays are for memory-making and instilling adventure within our little ones. I know I can’t wear a bikini top that is likely to quickly release a boob when in the kid’s pool. I understand that having not set foot inside a restaurant for over a year, I’ll be lucky if my children can remember how to use a knife a fork, let alone how to behave in anything more formal than a McDonalds at the airport. I will not stress about an unachievable ‘beach bod’ and instead embrace my mum bod, arm myself with sun cream, bottled water (recycled of course) and soak up a dose of achievable enjoyment with my gorgeous family.

Children are fact-driven, we know that from the questions, the relentless repetitive questions and we need to be honest with them, to manage their own, very justified expectations. Particularly during Covid-19, it’s important to plan ahead and that includes talking to your children about the details of the trip, such as the journey to your destination and timelines.

TIP! Set alarms on your phones/tablets for each stage. This will help them feel in control and may avoid a few “Are we there yets?”.

Water bottles

Remember to take their water bottles! You can refill throughout your holiday including when in restaurants. Drinks spilt on white table linens is an immediate mood killer, now you only have to worry about your drinks.

Don’t stress the small stuff
If your child doesn’t want to try new foods, don’t make them. Life is too short, and holidays absolutely are!

To tech or not to tech

This is your choice and yours alone! Don’t feel judged if you hand your child a tablet or phone so you can get 5 minutes to enjoy the view, chat to your partner, take some photos.


Bright sun hats and hairbands are a really handy way to immediately identify your child/ren. Have them buy the most garish accessorise you can find, they are more likely to wear something they have chosen themselves.

Yes Spends

We always budget for ‘yes’ spends. Holidays bring out the best in us and it’s easy to get carried away and become a bit spenny. As a way to pre-empt this, we budget for ‘yes spends’ when we go away. “Can I have a bracelet?” “Yes!” “Can I have this ugly t-shirt?” “Yes”. Everyone loves a yes spend.

Spend time being with each other

Get in that pool, go on those walks, hold hands and enjoy the time you have carved out, taken off, spent money on and just be together. After the year we’ve had, it’s more important than ever.

Travelling with children during Covid-19

This is a particularly challenging time to travel with children as the many countries require testing for children under the age of 18 (it actually differs per country!).
Don’t forget to use our search function to find the full restrictions…

Happy travels!

Amy x


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