Weekly News: Sensible is sexy, Spain is open, Government confusion

Last updated: 21 May

Big news! We were featured in the Metro on Monday – ‘sensible’ has never been so sexy 😝

Spain today announced that all Brits, irrespective of vaccination, can enter test-free from Monday 24th May! The EU has announced that fully-vaccinated citizens from the EU and other ‘low-risk’ countries will be able to travel quarantine-and-test free with a new COVID certificate. We will find out this weekend whether the UK will make that list 🤞🏽Finally, the UK Government plans to add more countries to the green list in the next fortnight. We hope to bring you those updates along with all the relevant news distilled down in next week’s email.


What a confusing week of travel news in the UK with misleading briefings from the government on travel to Amber countries. We will keep it simple here: travel to Amber, and almost all Red, countries is legal.

The traffic light system only impacts quarantine and testing rules on entry/return to the UK: the rules in other countries are set by that government. This is not a travel corridor. Brits will actually face lower barriers getting into Spain (Amber) than say Israel (Green), but then face more restrictions on return. Decisions on whether you are willing to face those restrictions are up to you, and no law stops you deciding to travel.

Confusing this a bit more is that some Amber countries are on the list the foreign office advises Brits against travel to. That assessment is for a whole host of reasons not just COVID and impacts Consular support, insurance protection and package holiday cover amongst other things. However, that doesn’t make travel illegal, despite very odd messaging from Shapps and team!

We still recommend you consider the risks carefully before going to any country the FCDO advises UK citizens from travelling to. But for places on the Amber list where there is no such advice your rights, insurance and general protections as a UK citizen should be no different than travelling there in 2019. The Greek islands of Crete and Corfu and the Spanish Balearic Islands minus the Canaries are just some examples.

Your two best sources of information to plan these trips – FCDO travel advice and Unlocked Travel!

Happy searching!


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